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Our farm

An uncanny pasture

Our farm is located in beautiful rolling hills at the foot of Mt.Tokachidake in Biei, Hokkaido. It is just 20 minute drive from Asahikawa airport, and 2 hour drive from Sapporo city. We are breeding Japanese full-blooded beef cattle called “wagyu” and Jersey dairy cows. Our wagyu beef brand is “Biei Wagyu” which has quality marbled beef. We also have our own diary proceeding factory and produce a variety of great dairy products you would enjoy.


In the inside of the nature of Hokkaido ..

Farm Restaurant

You would enjoy our quality biei Wagyu with Biei fresh vegetables at our Western cuisine restaurant.

Diary Processing Factory

With pasteurization, you would get a real taste of our proud dairy products like ice cream, soft ice cream, butter, and yogurt that are all made from our freshly squeezed milk.

Artificial Insemination Center

Many advanced treatments including semen collection, embryo flushing, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and cryopreservation are done by Dr. Avarzed Agvaandorjiin in the artificial insemination center.

Fureai Animal Ranch

We have many different animals you can enjoy interacting with like rabbit, chicken, miniature horse, pony, sheep, goat, ostrich, and llama. You can also ride a horse and milk jersey cow.


The direction of coming by a car

▪️Asahikawa city than Furano district about 30 minutes at 237 Route to → Biei than town about 15
▪️About 30 minutes at 237 Route than to Furano direction Asahikawa Airport → Biei about 15 minutes from the city
▪️About 30 minutes in the Route 237 than to Asahikawa direction Furano → Biei about 15 minutes from the city

The direction of coming in a public institution

▪️About 30 minutes until Biei Station in Furano Line from Asahikawa Station
▪About 30 minutes until Biei Station in Asahikawa line than Furano Station
▪About 15 minutes by taxi from Biei Station

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